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    अगर आप नया फार्म स्टार्ट करना चाहते हैं या अभी अभी आपने नया फार्म स्टार्ट किया है तो आप अपना कोई भी प्रश्न यहाँ लिख कर पूछ सकते हैं |
    If you are new in poultry business or want to start a poultry farm, you can write your question / doubt here.


    ollection-Rajesh Kumar Singh
    Post no 557 dt 06022018

    Chicken is a profitable business

    In which the meat, egg is only found, along with it can also be increased by using the machlī of its manure.
    If this business is done in a good way, this business does not give less money than a job. Today, people are kama with millions of rupees at home today.
    If you work with your full nōlaja, motivation, dedication and planning, any business can earn a lot of money in this business. But it is very important to know this business completely.

    Murgi palan me hum 2 tarah ka business kar sakte hai.
    1.Egg ke liye—layer poultry farming
    2.Meat ke liye—broiler farming

    Broiler poultry farming kaise kare:-
    Broiler poultry farming kuch baato par depend karta hai.
    The amount of elements in 1. Poultry meat :-
    Nutrient amount
    Water; 65.8 %
    Protein: 16-22 %
    Fat: 1.5-2.3 %
    Carbohydrates: 0.5-1.5 %
    2. How to transport a day’s kiss :-
    One day kiss can easily transport 48 hours. The kiss is made of thick-paper boxes or bamboo, which is made in a basket of bamboo, to make holes in the paper box so that the wind is transporting. Give water in this period.
    * 2-4 hours after the cubs don’t feed. Just drink water.
    * counts before coming into the farm form. And all the kisses were caught by the mouth so that the water might learn.
    Election of place for 3. Hen House Construction :-
    1. Place open and high where air and sun light can easily reach.
    Rain water should not be deposited next to 2. Poultry house.
    3. Chicken eating floor has been 10 inches high from the surface of the land, as well as the flooring of cement.
    It does not matter if the length of 4. Hen is the length of the house, but the cōṛā’ī should be within 20-25 feet.
    5.. The way you want to create a poultry house should be like this.
    * in cool places —– North – South
    * in hot places — South-East
    * Hot & humidity in ilākō – east-West

    The height of the 6. Poultry house is according to the temperature, the heat of the heat should be 15 feet between 15 Feet & 10 feet.
    The normal temperature must have 11-12 “Fit Beach and 8-9″ Fit Edge.
    The Farm should be 1 ” fit up to the ground.

    Looking at the 4. Hen House, it is necessary to pay the following things.:-

    There should always be food-water in the 1. Hen-house.
    2. Dishes should be cleaned daily.
    3. The birds are required to save fast air, cold, moisture and sunlight.
    4. Empty hen house in a village potassium parmagēnnēṭa and 1.5 m. The Lea must smoke the room at the rate of pratighana.
    The 5. Hen-house walls should be shut down from time to time.
    6. Hen Wash your feet before entering into the house and don’t let anyone go inside.
    7. The hen house must have electricity and clean water.
    8. Farm is far away from the road, it is necessary to be in a solitary place from a factory.
    9. Litres should be a little bit per week so that he is dry. In 6 months, give me a whole time. If the water falls, the part should be removed.

    5. Poultry Food :-

    If you want to make a food better in poultry, then it will reduce the cost.

    In Eating 1. Birds, corn, bran, rice is suitable for food, etc.
    2. Millet, peas, etc. Can also give.
    In the days of 3. You have to give warm water in the days.

    F.C.R ko samjhe:-

    The feed converse ratio (feed version ratio) means that the rooster is a 1 kg of weight.

    Weight of total grain
    Total living weight

    If we have 100 cock and that 200 kg of grain is 100 kg weight then her

    F.C.R == 200/100 = 2:1
    RATIO :- 2:1
    F.C.R hamesha 2:1 hona chahiye.

    • Feed name for broiler :-
    1. Gold star
    2. Super feed
    3. Moti feed
    4. Gold mohar
    5. Anmol
    6. Godrej
    7. Sona gold
    8. Aranbag feed
    9. Utra feed
    10. Amrit feed etc

    • Feed waste kaise hota hai aur ise kaise bachaye:-

    Feed bartan me kitna de jisse feed waste na ho.
    Full dene se——— 30% waste hota hai.
    2/3 dene se———-10% waste hota hai.
    1/3 dene se———-3% waste hoga.
    ½ dene se —–1% waste hoga.

    Feed barbaad kaise hota hai.

    • Wrong manegment:- feed lane,utarane aur rakhne par dhayn dena.
    • Rat se sawdhan;- 1 chuha 15kg/year kha jata hai.
    • Har week F.C.R nikalna.
    • Feed lene se pahle uska pura detail le le.kis feed ko kb khilana hai ye sab.

    6. Things to be used in poultry :-

    1. Brewers
    2. Brookings guard
    3. Draco (Feather Ukhāṛanē Machine)
    4. Spēyara (for claim chiḍakāva)
    5. फ्लेम गण
    1. Brutus :-
    *. It’s made to heat the kisses. This may have many ways.
    *. There should be 8 Square meatball inches for a cujā inside the brewery.
    *.. and there should be a 1 Square fit place for brŏyalara.
    *.. Always trust the temperature of the bruḍara. Because the temperature of the temperature is less and more grain, which is goat disease, it increases the amount of protein.

    7. The disease and its treatment ;:–

    After the illness has been infected in the chickens.
    It is difficult to save the chicken and make it separate from the other good chickens and the doctor’s SALAH.

    1. Ranikhet Disease (R. D) :-

    Karan:- vishanu

    a. Yah bimari murgiyo ke liye sabse jaanlewa bimari hai.
    b. Iss rog ki awdhi 8-9 din me dikhlay dene lagta hai.
    c. Yaah bimari kisi bhi age me ho sakta hai.yah rog basant ritu (बसंत ॠतु) me aadhik hota hai.chuja khana – pina band kar deta hai.aur sust ho jata hai.
    d. Pankh latak jati hai,jhupne lagti hai,swash lene me kathin hoti hai.
    e. Kho-kho ki awaj hoti hai.
    f. Muh me siti ki tarah ki awaj aati hai.
    g. Patla badbudar hara pilla dast hone lagta hi.

    Rescue and measures :-

    H. The death of the dead is to examine himself. It will look like phlegm in the mouth and choker.
    I. Don’t let other people go into the farm. Don’t have a tree around the farm.
    J. Met the doctor. And take the medicine. – Lrb-I. E strange vaccine le le le le-RRB –

    2. Coccidiosis (bloody diarrhoea) :-

    Reason :- Protocol

    This disease is mostly in the rain, because it is a liter of litres in this season, so selected in litres.

    Other Rescue:

    • Those who take care of the dmī farm should always wash clean cloth and hands before going to the farm.
    • in the house where there is a fowl in the house, the new fowl has been selected before the new fowl, from time to time. D. Sprinkle the tea.
    • If any chicken apart from his flock, then understand that he is a bimāra. Get him out of there immediately.

    Priti yadav

    सर हमने 3500 स्क्वायर फिट में नया पोल्ट्री फार्म बनाकर तैयार कर दिया है अब हम उसमे चूजे डालना चाहता हूँ चूजे कँहा से लूं अच्छे और खराब चूजे की क्वालिटी का पता कैसे चलेगा खुद का डालू या फिर किसी कम्पनी के साथ कांट्रेक्ट कर लूं क्या अच्छा रहेगा उचित सलाह दे ।

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