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What is Campus Ambassador program?

Poultry Shorts gives the opportunity to one student per college campus to represent Poultry Shorts in their campus.

What is the benefit of Campus Ambassador Program?

Unique opportunity to learn the various aspects of contemporary poultry industry along with hands on experience in online businesses. We also provide opportunity to be a poultry blogger on case to case basis. At the end of the year we will issue an e-certificate to all the campus ambassadors.

What are the responsibilities?

To promote poultry and poultry shorts in your campus. It includes writing article, social media participation and other creative means.

Is my college eligible?

All the veterinary and agriculture colleges can participate.

What are the pre-requisites?

To be the student of the college. A valid id is to be provided. Of course should be interested in poultry and online business. This also means should have decent skills with computer and internet. Creative writing is a plus.

Where can apply?

Follow this link to apply –>

When will you make the decision?

We generally take the decision on yearly basis.

What is the last date for current year

Last date of application is 30th April 2018.

I still have few doubts?

You can write to us at